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25, Aries, Canada
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Detalles importantes de thatGlRL
Preferencia sexualBisexual
Altura>175 cm - 185 cm
Peso55 - 63 kg
IdiomasInglés, Francés
Vello púbicoRecortado
Lo que me excita
enthusiastic consent & support LOL
Acerca de mí
just for fun! thank you for coming, it makes me so happy to know youre here
Qué hacemos en la webcam
Lista de deseos de thatGlRL
new mic
new mic
vintage-look on this MXL is just.... stunning
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gold vibrator
gold vibrator
okay this is just crazy but... i can't resist the gold... it's like i wanna be goldmember
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oil pen
oil pen
just gonna stay right on brand here, let's get fucked uppp
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my love to you

ello ello m'love

i'm brand new ~

i'm honestly just a regular woman that you see everyday.

i really appreciate the fact that you've come to my page ~ that support i've received here has been transformative so far:

it has made me confident in new ways since i've gotten compliments on here that i've never heard in real life. ever. it shows that freedom is within reach for me; that i might be free from the 9-5 grind someday.

every single tip makes me smile -- it shows me that people care, that i am desired, and that i have a chance here. god, i'd give anything to do this full time..

so thank you. so much.

i appreciate you & your time spent with me.

now let's have some fun!